Susan hurrell-fieldes

i am a printmaker.....initially self printmaking education is 

gained from New York where i work and study every year.

perhaps the main influence on my work is the street art in New 

York.........the marks on the footpaths and roads.....the graffiti.......the 

dilapidated billboards......the energy and rawness i experience there.

my work is abstract

mark making and line the dominant feature

the colour pallet purposely limited

i have exhibited widely....both in New Zealand and overseas.....Australia, 

north America, France, Japan, Hawaii, Spain, Bulgaria

my work currently can be seen in galleries (in New Zealand) in 

Auckland, Martinborough,Waipawa, Nelson, Christchurch, Geraldine and 


i have taught widely in New Zealand....and assisted at workshops in Nth 


i have printed for artists in NZ and North America

i have organised overseas artists to come to NZ to teach and 

exhibit........from Australia, from USA and 


Exhibited in group exhibitions at Kings College,St Mary’s,Baradine 

college, Carmel college, the original art sale, St Aidens, Diocesan school 

for Girls, northcote college.ATWC Auckland, Mazda Artworks at 



Group exhibitions at Northcote college, Baradine college, Mt Albert 

grammar, Kohia, ATWC, Carmel college,Mazda artworks,Kohia Terrace 

school, Original art sale,Auckland Grammar, NZ affordable art 

show,Kings College, Sacred Heart college,Northcote college


Group exhibitions at Northcote College, Baradine college, the original art 

sale, Kohia terrace school, Auckland grammar school, NZ affordable art 

trust,Mazda artworks, Kings College, St Andrews, Sacred Heart 

college,National Womens art exhibition, Art in Eden, Northcote gallery 

pre-Christmas sale,NZPrint council in Palmerston north,NZMiniature 

exhibition, Lake House Arts Centre, Waikato Society of arts


Co-printed 100 print edition for Rochester Print Society, NYork

Group exhibitions at Northcote College, compendium gallery,the Original 

Art Sale, Print Council NZ exhibition in Palmerston north, NZ Affordable 

art trust, Print council NZ miniature prints at Greymouth,Mairangi arts 

centre, studio printmakers at Lake House, Baradine college, Kohia 

terrace school, Auckland Grammar school


Group exhibitions at Wharepuke and Print Arts northwest exhibition 

Washington,the Amerca’s Biennial exhibition of prints Iowa university, 

Origial Art sale, NZArt Show, Penang international print exhibition, 

PrintZero studios Chicago, the arts centre Christchurch, Emerging Art 

Show, Print Council NZ, Nathan Homestead IMPressive exhibition, 

Auckland Grammar school, Orakei School exhibition, Kohia Tce school, 

Braveheart exhibition, Northcote college, St Ignatius school, NZPrint 

Council Waikato, Baradine college, northart members exhibition, 

Macleans college, Solander Gallery Christmas exhibition, international 

collage exhibition, Lessedra world art print...bulgaria, Micro/Macro 

Titirangi, NZacademy of fine arts


Solo centre for graphic arts New York

SOLO 31 exhib ition NZAFA

Solo panel NZArtShow

3 person Show....Satellite Gallery

Interview NZPrintmakers 

Guest Artist and Tutor for Waikato society

Group exhibitions at Northcote College, Nathan Homestead, Lessedra 

print...bulgaria, Original art sale, Baraden college, Macleans college, 

Kohia Terrace school, NZPrint Council miniprint at Mt Eden, carmel 

college, Auckland Grammar school, Mazda Artworks Hilton, Orakei 

School, art at Wharepuke


2 person exhibition..Kina design and Art, New Plymouth

Miniprint International asia pacific Melbourne, NZPrint Council Hastings, 

Art on Life NZAFA, Women...NZAFA, Northcote college, Lessedra mini 

print Bulgaria, Original Art Show, Baradine college, Kohia Terrace 

school, umbrella studio Townsville Australia, Print zero Chicago, 

Auckland Grammar school, Carmel college, Orakei school, Nathan 

Homestead IMPressive 111, miniprint cadaques spain,


Residency at Lesidren, Bulgaria

Solo 35 NZAFA

Guest Artist at Nelson Suter...nelson arts society

2 person show Red Gallery Nelson

Gave workshop at Studio Printmakers Lake House

NZ co-ordinator of Vie du Pacifique exhibition....travelled to Australia, 

Japan, Hawaii, Chile, Vanuatu, Santiago, Cleveland, Phiadelphia, 

Phillipines, New Zealand

Solo NZArtShow

2 person exhibition at Artmosphere Waipawa

Group shows at Carmel college, NZAFA...Remake, emerging artists, 

Northcote college, 9th biennial international print exhibition Connecticut, 

4th Guanlan international print China, Baradene college, NZPrint Council 

‘punctum’ exhibition,Original Art Sale, Hibiscus hospice exhibition, Kohia 

Terrace, Auckland Grammar school. Carmel college,IMPression 4 

Nathan Homestead prize winner, 


Solo Christhurch Art Show

Solo NZArt Show

Attended Haystack Mountain art school, Maine USA

3 person show at Devonport arts centre

Group exhibitions at Northcote College, Baradine college, Braveheart, 

the Original Art Sale, Lessedra mini print Bulgaria, Print Council NZ 

Hawera exhibition, Kohia terrace, Auckland Grammar school, Mt Albert 

Grammar school, Carmel college, Sydney/NZ exchange, umbrella studio 

exchange Townsville Australia, 


Attended Womens Art Studio, Rosendale New York

Solo exhibition McAtamney Gallery Geraldine

Solo NZArtShow

Solo Christchurch Art Show

Solo Red Gallery...’graffiti’

Group exhibitions at Napier Girls High school,northcote college,  

Mairangi arts trust ‘first impressions’, Baradene college, the Original Art 

Sale,Kohia terrace, Mt Albert Grammar, Carmel college, Napier Girls 

High School, studio Printmakers Lake House art centre, Studio One 



Across the collaborative exhibition

Solo....185 chairs, mcatamney gallery geraldine

Solo... nzartshow 

Solo....Christchurch artshow

Group show.....Northcote college exhibition.

....2 person show..l. Basement Art Works....paraparaumu


 .....Kohia school exhibition 

....rsmLaw/Plunkett exhibition timaru

....Napier girls high school exhibition

....Original artshow

.....hospice, albany

2 person show.....basement gallery paraparaumu...."their voice" with Di Conway


march.....William Barnhart (USA) teaching tour organised         .......Napier Girls high school art exhibitionapril........hibiscus coast Hospice exhibition       .......Carmel college art exhibitionmay.......Kohia Tce school art exhibition       .......Baradine Art exhibitionmay/june...NZAtshow...solo exhibjune............ChrstchurchArtshow,,,solo exhibJuly/ august ...residency Malaga Spainseptember...DunedinArtexhibition...solo exhib


may/jun.....NZArtshow solo